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So the perceptive of you ~may~ have noticed that I recently dyed my hair pink. It was a completely unplanned heist, which my friend Corinne vlogged (here) as we sipped wine and watched my head get progressively (and scarily) pinker.

Thankfully it turned out fine, or as some may say (me), INCRED, and I’ve kept it up with a few different products since. Seeing as I am now professional pink princess and an expert in the peachy hues, I thought I’d break down what to do if you fancy going pastel yourself.

Just a forewarning, you ain’t gonna be getting pink hair if you’re anything above medium-dark blonde hair you are not going to be getting baby pink hair without a thorough bleaching beforehand.

The ‘Permanent’ – Schwarzkopf in Rose Gold

This bad boy was what started it all off. I went to get some bleach and finally lighten my ever so boring hair, got distracted by buzzword of the year rose gold, and bought two packs on a whim; you will need two packs if you’re hair is longer than shoulder length, bare in mind (you can buy here)

This is called as permanent because it lightens your hair by up to four shades, but I must stress that the pink tinge is in no way permanent so you will need to top up. I didn’t want to constantly subject my hair to bleach which is why I use other products for maintenance, but if you’ve got anything other than light blonde or white hair, this is a great first step.

Dyed hair will take the pink better than natural hair, which for me meant I had a peachy blonde to pink-peach ombre thing going on. Thankfully, it looked fine, but just be cautious that if your hair has been bleached or highlighted in the past, these hairs will take the colour more intensely.


The Stain – Bleach London Super Cool Colour Rose

A non permanent colour, this stains your hair for 2 –  10 washes*. This 100% wouldn’t work on anything above light-medium blonde, but it’s great for topping up colour without damaging your hair. The instructions say to leave on for 15 minutes and, attempting to be frugal, I left it on for 45 minutes. I thought with such a pale mixture, it would need longer than 15 minutes; I was wrong. After 45 minutes I had pretty bubblegum coloured hair which I rocked until it became more peachy. I now just leave it on for the recommended time!

*I’d say 2 – 4 personally, unless you do leave on for 45 minutes.

The Dailies – Bleach London Rose Shampoo & Rose Conditioner

With pink hair, every wash strips the vibrancy a little; it goes pink > peach > peachy gingery blonde. I can get away with the stain every few weeks, but to keep the colour from disappearing too much I use the Bleach London rose shampoo & conditioner every other hair wash. They’ve lasted quite a while, considering how small the bottles are!

If you use a shampoo with sulphates, you’ll probably need to switch to the rose shampoo completely as they are much harsher and will get rid of the colour quicker. You can actually get the three bleach products as a bundle for cheaper online here.

To be honest, I’ve been every shade under the sun and (surprisingly) pink is probably the easiest colour to maintain. If you’re blonde and use a daily blue shampoo and regular toner, it’s less time consuming to stick the rose stain on in the shower while you shave and scrub than it is to apply toner for X number of minutes before washing off. Also, much less damaging which is always a winner!

Not entirely sure what the deal is when I eventually decide to quit the pink, but as I have no intention of going back blonde for a while at least, I am not gonna worry about it!

***update*** so apparently I need more pink hair photos. They’ve over on my Instagram if y’all wanna see.

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