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Today’s post is semi in conjunction with one of my old friends, Katie Duffett. It’s one of those friendships where, on the surface it looks like we are really mean to each other, but in reality it’s a really comfortable friendship where there is no judgement or drama going on.

We used to sit together in a few classes and my planners were ransacked with drawings of me, aged 27, morbidly obese with dozens of snotty nosed children, or me with a penis on my forehead or something similar. It’s remarkable how you genuinely think at 15 you’re mature and an adult, when looking back it’s all cringe and shame. Since then, Katie has got a first in Graphic Design and Illustration and has set up her own Etsy shop, and to celebrate I suggested we run a giveaway so that more people can see how fab her drawings are. She’s already given me a gorgeous print of the London skyline (to be featured soon when I finally get round to posting about my room), so for this giveaway she’s given me a cool illustration of London’s Big Ben.

(Photo taken off Katie’s Etsy shop)

I’ve been thinking about doing a giveaway for a while as a thanks for still reading my blog, despite the fact I post and tweet a lot less than I used to (because working full time is bloody hard!). I am obsessed with interiors, so receiving a cool print for me is like a dream, but I know a lot of my readers are beauty led so I wanted to include a few prizes for you too! I won five Benefit They’re Real Liners a while ago, and as I don’t wear eyeliner that often I still have one unopened liner left (even after giving a few away to friends), so I’m including that, and so that I’m also contributing to the giveaway myself, I will be buying the winner a MAC lipstick of their choice (excluding limited edition ones).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will be running for four weeks, and is open to the UK only (sorry everyone else!). Good luck!

You can see more of Katie’s illustrations (including cats!!) on her website and Instagram. She’s drawn up Buckingham Palace as so many of you mentioned it in the comments, and will be making her way through various landmarks and buildings so thank you for the suggestions!

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