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I don’t wear makeup on a day to day basis; too attached to my warm bed on cold mornings. So when I do wear it, I make sure I look good. Like, “Oh you look so nice today” good, and I’m all “Oh thanks I actually put effort into my appearance today *sassy girl emoji*”.

One of my current go to products is Sleek’s Face Form Palette in light. I’ve tried and liked Sleek products before (including their rose gold blusher) so was pretty confident buying this, and it paid off as it has quickly become my favourite for creating a healthy glow and sculpted(ish) cheeks. Seriously, every time I wear this I have someone tell me I look so healthy and my skin looks great. I wish it was natural but I guess a £10 contour kit is the next best thing?


It is easy to go a bit overboard with this; a light hand is essential unless you want to look a bit too ghostly and shimmery. It took me about two tries to get the perfect method – quick swirl, tap off any extra, and then lightly swoop on and blend. I use this on the bridge of my nose, along my cheekbones and on my forehead and it just takes my skin from meh to radiant and a little bit more youthful (at my ripe age of 23).


I can’t decide if this is actually the same shade as the rose gold one everyone, including myself, loves. In the pan, it is a deep pink with gold flecks. On the skin, this translates as a soft shimmery peach. Like the highlighter, it is quite easy to go overboard with the colour so a soft touch is required but seriously, a light dusting on your cheeks just gives such a gorgeous rosy glow.


The bronzer is probably the only pan in this palette which can be applied heavy handed and be okay. The colour is perfect for contouring, it’s matte, and it’s easily blended for all your sculpting needs. I use this one the least as I only contour for actual nights out, but that’s just personal preference and I can’t fault it at all.

Overall, definitely a palette worth trying out. At £10 for highlighter, blusher and bronzer, you can’t go wrong and the quality is great. I accidentally dropped mine and broke the highlighter and, as it was payday, just replaced the whole palette (keeping my blusher and bronzer as a spare). I’ve recommended this to multiple friends (in the physical world) and now I’m recommending it to you, blogging friends.

You can grab it online here, or get yourself down to Boot’s and check out the other shades (there is light, medium and dark).

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