Blogger Q&A: Mascara & Maltesers

Mascara Maltesers QA

I didn’t set out to create a Blogger Q&A series, but I have unwittingly done just that – Belle from Mascara & Maltesers is the third blogger who I’ve ‘interviewed’ lately (the first two are Hayler from Tea Party Beauty all about the #BloggersBlogAwards [here] and Karen from Style Sunrise [here]). Nothing like sharing the love though right?

Belle’s blogs was one of the first blogs I fell in love with, and a huge cause of photo envy with her crisp white backgrounds! She’s got cheekbones and eyes to die for, and is seriously just a nice person.

When did you start your blog, and what was the inspiration behind starting it?

I started off about 18 months ago, and purely as I just love writing and didn’t know what else to do! I also had (and still do) way too much makeup, so my blog was another justification for me buying it all!

What are the best opportunities you’ve received because of blogging?

Randomly, I got to interview a few contestants from last years X Factor, with Abi Alton being the feature, along with TV fashion stylist Mark Hayes. Nothing to do with beauty, but it was a lot of fun to act all important for a day!

What are your favourite things about blogging?

I love just being able to write and not bother anyone (i.e. my mum) with it. Its also the best feeling when someone compliments what you do, however shallow that sounds!

As well as blogging, you do some modelling. Has that given you any insights into the beauty industry which has helped with blogging, or vice versa?

To be honest, even though was a full time model for 6 years I haven’t really found anything that useful for blogging! I did get a lot of makeup tips from the makeup artists at work, but then that is nothing compared to most bloggers are also trained!

Your photography is always amazing. What camera do you use, and do you have any tips for other bloggers?

Ah thank you! And this is embarrassing – I just use my iPhone 5. I should really use a camera but I am too lazy to faff around with cables etc. My main tip is just make sure there is lots of natural light, and take so many more photos than what you think you’ll need. I have learnt the hard way that photos often seem completely different when on a laptop screen!

Where do you get inspiration for posts and content from?

I really wish I had a solid answer for this, but I don’t…its just often as I am going about my daily routine something will pop into my head and I think ‘ah’! I try and keep my content really lighthearted so that helps, but whenever I try and draft posts and ideas I end up with a blank page!

Your Instagram game is really strong. Do you have any tips for aspiring bloggers and Instagrammers?

(Check out her Instagram here)

Again, thank you so much! I think with Instagram being a visual platform, make sure lots of natural light (I like my light don’t I haha) is around, and having a ‘theme’ makes it easier, well for me at least. I try to keep everything ‘white-ish’, so anything that I take photos of that doesn’t fit this doesn’t make it onto my feed!

Being predominantly a beauty blogger, you’ve been known to try many many products. What are your top five overall beauty products?

Tough one – but I would say, Clinique Moisture Surge Cream, YSL Shocking Mascara, Laura Mericer Creme Smooth Foundation, Clinique On The Spot Treatment and lastly, Batitise Dry Shampoo.

What is the best advice you’ve received while blogging?

Not to compare yourself and your blog to others, and while this is so true, I still do compare….guess its human nature!

And finally, what advise do you have for any bloggers?

Not sure I am worthy enough to offer advice, but I would just say make sure you’re blogging just because you love it. Anything else that comes from it is a bonus. Oh and Google – it fixes and answers everything you need to know about blogging!

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