The Bloggers Blog Awards: A Q&A With Tea Party Beauty

Bloggers Blog Awards

A lot of you know that Hayley from Tea Party Beauty has decided to host a Bloggers Blog Awards after Cosmo failed to announce theirs . Since then, Cosmo have decided to reboot their awards but many bloggers were left disappointed at the lack of a lifestyle category. That, paired with the fact that the whole bloggosphere went crazy about the first ever blogger run awards, I wanted to speak to Hayley about the behind the scenes!

This is the first year that Cosmopolitan hasn’t hosted a Blogger’s Award Ceremony. Why do you think this is, and what made you decide to throw one?

*technically not valid anymore but let’s run with it. 

I have no idea, but I think it’s such a shame (although I have heard that they haven’t cancelled it and are planning on doing one). Blogging is only getting bigger and getting more momentum at the moment, so it seems strange that both Cosmopolitan and Company would postpone/cancel their awards. But, on the other hand the magazine industry isn’t as big as it used to be, and more and more seem to be going online only, so maybe this has a little to do with it.

 I had been thinking of doing one last year as the magazine run ones always seem to be a little controversial – they don’t just go on votes and are judged by a panel of ‘experts’. With the lack of magazine run awards in 2015 it seemed like the perfect time to try organise one of my own with bloggers at the forefront of everything.

Do you think there are benefits to having a blogger hosted ceremony?

Personally I think it’s brilliant and the fact that it’s by bloggers for bloggers is what makes it so special. As bloggers we know that the blog with 50 followers and the most amazing content matters as much as the blog with 5000 followers and amazing content. Bloggers know how much hard work goes in to capturing that perfect picture, or writing that witty post, and that it’s not all about follower numbers and popularity. Due to this so many amazing blogs have been voted for and shortlisted, as bloggers are predominantly the main readers of other blogs.

Bloglovin has recently come under bad press for hosting competitions which did not allow the winning blogs to be crowd sourced. Did this impact your decision to have the awards by nomination only?

I have never liked the Bloglovin awards process of how they choose the blogs – it should be about amazing ground breaking content, not who has the most followers. That was one of the reasons I decided to only shortlist 4 of the nominees based on number of votes, the other nominee would be chosen by a panel of bloggers who judged the blog on content, photography, interaction with readers etc. Being a ‘big blogger’ doesn’t mean your content is brilliant and deserving of awards (although I do follow a couple of the ones nominated), being an awesome writer does.

What has been the general response to you hosting the Blogger Awards?

It has been beyond my wildest dreams, I seriously thought that I would get 50 – 100 votes at most and it would be a small online thing. We had 490 votes in the first round, and in the shortlist voting we’ve had over 1000 votes in 5 days of going live. We were trending in London on the release date – TRENDING?!  I was sat in the office at my desk, eating my egg mayo sandwich and close to tears at all the amazing words, support and love. I was so overwhelmed but also scared, I didn’t want to look at my general Twitter timeline in case there was any hate towards it, but I was told that hardly any bad words were said about them.

Talented Talkers are sponsoring the ceremony. Can we expect anything exciting from them or other sponsorships on the night?

The brands involved are truly amazing, they didn’t question the awards and were willing to jump on board without any indication it would be a success. So far we have some amazing prizes for the winners from £500 worth of beauty treatments to £300 vouchers for holidays. There will also be a raffle on the day in aid of Alzheimer’s Research UK with prizes currently totally over £750. There will also be some social media competitions on the day. So we have lots planned to keep me busy and running around.

How easy/ difficult has this been to organise?

There has been a few ups and downs, but on the whole it’s been an amazing adventure so far. The guys at Talented Talkers (Erica and Shaun) have been great in helping and listening to me moan, plus the venue, Lamberts Yard, have been brilliant too. I think the most difficult part has been the amount of time involved; I have organised blog evets before, but this requires so much more co-ordination and effort, but it will all be worth it *crosses fingers*

What advice would you give for anyone hoping to organise blogger events?

Prepare to not sleep very well. Prepare to not sit down all day of the event. You will feel so much pride, happiness and accomplishment after the day so keep that in mind when you want to quit because everyone is saying no to you.

Will you be making this ceremony an annual event?

I don’t think I would be allowed to make it a one off – so many bloggers have asked for it to be annual or have told me that they have set themselves a goal to be nominated next year. Plus, I think it would be an even bigger success next year once people/brands see how well this one goes – that’s assuming I don’t muck it all up and it does go well. Keep your eyes peeled for the 2016 version, which will hopefully be bigger and better.

You can see the awards shortlist here.

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