Blogging Goals: The 2016 Edition

It’s been around two years since I set up Touchscreens & Beautyqueens. Initially started so I would have something to put on my CV, it has been both my baby and a nuisance over the past 24 months. There have been times when all I’ve wanted to do is blog, and times when I’ve hovered over the ‘delete’ option and wondered why the fuck I am spilling my guts to the internet.

Despite the ups and downs, blogging has taught me a lot. The biggest thing I’ve learnt is how much I love to write; I’ve only ever written in academic settings before which is, let’s be honest, no fun for anyone. Writing is something I genuinely enjoy and, dare I say it, am actually good at. I’ve learnt (VERY) basic photography skills, how important engagement is in building friendships and relationships, the fundamentals of social media marketing, and a whole lot about beauty. Seriously, before blogging I was practically the Virgin Mary of makeup.

I’ve recently had to take a step back from blogging because it is pretty damn impossible to balance full time work, fitness, healthy eating, a busy social life and sleep without something giving way. It’s been refreshing to take a break, but it also made me realise how much I love blogging so next year I will be putting more time, effort and love into this little website of mine.

Hopefully, I will look back in 12 months and be like tick, tick, tick! But I know life doesn’t always work that way, so as long as I try to keep on top of achieving my blog goals, that will be enough for me.

Reach 3000 Instagram followers

This year, I’ve grown my Instagram following from 400 to 1200. It’s only the past couple of months that I’ve really tried to step up my game, so hopefully by continuing this I will be able to more than double my followers (help me out here if you fancy). Go hard or go home, right?

Double my traffic

Getting really high traffic isn’t something that’s always been my biggest concern; I’d rather have a small army of loyal readers than the masses coming and going. However, I want to take my blog up a notch and ideally I’d like to see an increase in traffic as a return on this. There are certain things I know I can do to help this; post more regularly, actually schedule social media posts(!), engage more… The list goes on. Basically, be more proactive and stuff.

Share the love more

See, it’s not all about me today. I really want to get back to being a good little community blogger; taking part in chats at least twice a month, commenting on at least 20 blogs a week, and showcasing bloggers (whether that’s through interviews, favourite posts or what) on my blog once a month are all part of my plan to give a little back.

Write on more publications

Although being a blogger isn’t the same as being a journalist, I think the opportunities we receive can be pretty similar and I’d love to write on more publications online. Not only will it help increase my online presence (and drive traffic back to my blog, wahey!), it’s actually fun to do and will allow me to write in a different way or on different things I’d do on here. Plus, it’s all good for the career ladder right?

Work with brands more

I know this is a bit of a grey area, but I love working with brands and don’t see a problem with it as long as the relationship is mutually beneficial. For me, it’s not all about getting freebies either; working with brands is a great way to network and make contacts in industries I’m interested in!

Write more lifestyle posts again

There was a time when the majority of my posts were lifestyle (aka not beauty or fashion) and I’ve got out of the swing of this a bit; mostly because I’ve been short on time and it’s easier to stick up a review or outfit post. I really enjoy reading and writing a variety of topics so I’m going to get back on this wagon asap!

Hopefully I will be able to achieve all of these. None are impossible; they just take a bit of hard work and dedication, and I’m feeling pretty motivated to do so!

What are you blogging goals for next year?

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My favourite things in life is cosy pyjamas, food, and bed. I also like running, spending hours on social media, and working on my blog.

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