Ring’ing In The New Year

Gem stone rings

Hello chickas. I hope you’re all enjoying the new year? Keeping up with resolutions? New year new you?

Mine has been pretty okay so far. I’ve gymmed, eaten healthily (cocktails are healthy right?), made an effort to look nice (and be nice, as apparently I am sometimes a bit of a bitch).  But seriously, considering I am a (some times) beauty blogger I look rough AF a lot of the time; no makeup, meh hair, oversized clothes… I’m naturally lazy in every way possible, including when it comes to my appearance.

I decided late last year to start making an effort, because I hate when you bump into someone and you basically look like a troll doll that’s been hit by a truck (disclaimer: there is more to life than looks). So I’ve been wearing makeup and jewellery and not saving my nice clothes for an ‘occasion’ that never actually happens. And you know what? I definitely feel better for it. There are still some days I wake up and sack off getting ready because my bed is super comfy, but I definitely look a lot more put together than I used to. NB: my hair still gets minimal attention.

One thing I really think ups my appearance game is jewellery. I’m not a big necklace wearer, ‘cos my boobs are big and they don’t sit right, but rings and bracelets? I’m all over that. I have a few that I wear constantly, but thanks to Instagram I feel like I need a hundred rings to look cool, even if they do snag my gloves.

The problem is, I’ve got so many silver rings I feel like I can’t pick any other colours as they wouldn’t go. I might start a whole new collection of rings, so that when I’m not feeling like rocking 6000 rings, I can have one or two to just give my hands a little je ne sai quoi.

So, to get to the point (after a long, loooong ramble), here are some rings I want that stray from my usual silver. Okay – there are a few silver ones in there too. They’re just so pretty!

Pandora Cherry Blossom Ring / Pandora Primrose Ring / Milky Aqua Solitaire Ring / Blue Topa Ring / Mother of Pearl Ring / Rose Gold Dots Ring / Stone Triangle Ring / Pink Cocktail Ring / Rose Quarts Solitaire Ring / Small Tear Ring / Amethyst Rose Gold Ring

All rings from House of Fraser. This is a sponsored post but all opinions my own!


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