Guest Bedroom Wishlist

bedroom wishlist

I’m buying a house.

More specifically, I am buying the house that I love and have lived in for nearly a year – I was lucky enough that my landlord decided to sell the house I am renting, and that my dad could help me to buy it. I don’t normally like to rely on anyone for funds, but I hadn’t intended on buying for a long time, and because me and Scott broke up a few months ago I wasn’t sure if I could afford to stay in Leeds renting by myself.

The thought of moving away from Leeds made me really sad. So when the house went up for sale, it was a no brainer.

All of the furniture in the house is already mine, but I never really pimped out the spare room as it was kind of for Scott’s computer and the cats. Now I’m going to be a home owner, I want a super pretty guest bedroom where I can be proud to have friends stay. And cats still, obviously.

I can’t afford to get everything just yet (warning: when buying a house, there is loads of unexpected costs so beware!) so obviously I’ve made a wishlist. I’ve gone for a grey and mint theme, Scandinavian style (not too dissimilar to my room which you can see here – it’s definitely my interior taste!).

guest bedroom


Map Poster / Stag Head Poster / Poem Poster
Bed / Bedside Table / Metal Lamp / Chest of Drawers / Window Mirror /
Mint Chevron Cushion / Alpaca Cushion / Grey Foil Cushion
Bedding / Grey Throw / Mint Cross Cushion

Scandinavian rooms can look quite clinical I feel, so I’ll be adding personal touches to it as time goes on, but a clean, fresh look is definitely the vibe I’m going for!

What’s your favourite interior styles?











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