10 Places To Go For Drinks In Leeds City Centre

One of my favourite things about living in Leeds is the vast number of places to eat and drink. You could go out a couple of nights a week for a whole year and never need to repeat the same place, although with some absolute gems you’d definitely want to!

I’ve been wining and dining bloody loads lately so thought I’d compile my favourite places to go.

1. Fibre & Queens

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Fibre. One of Leeds gay bars, they do 241 every day until 8pm (including weekends) and the atmosphere is so fab! It’s my favourite place for a quiet-turned-out of control Friday drink. Queens Court is next door (also a fabulous gay bar) and they do half price drinks until 9pm, so more often than not I’ll head there at 8pm.

2. Manahatta

Manahatta has swiftly become one of my favourite places for food and drinks; it’s great for an after work cocktail (especially with happy hour until 9pm) and the food is unbelievable. Four words: banoffee cookie crust cheesecake.

3. Headrow House

Headrow House is home to the insanely good Ox Club, which IMO is reason alone to visit as the food is out of this world. There’s also a cool pub, cocktail bar and rooftop terrace so whatever type of drinks you fancy, you’re catered for.

4. Distrikt

A grungy underground bar next to Five Guys, Distrikt has £2.50 drinks until 10pm on Friday and a range of excellent tapas dishes. From 9pm, you usually get a bunch of severely toxicated groups making moves on the dance floor so it’s a pretty good place for people watching, too.

5. Alchemist

The Alchemist is a staple bar in Leeds, although you won’t find me there very often as you can’t exactly afford to buy more than a few drinks here – not that I remember this after said drinks. The concept is on stunning cocktail concoctions that smoke, change colour or generally look like something from Hogwarts. I went to the opening of their terrace and my god, the truffle and parmasan popcorn is to die for.

6. The Maven

The Maven is like a little speakeasy bar; easy to miss, a little expensive, but gorgeous intimate atmosphere. I’ve only ever stayed for one or two drinks but I could easily spend an evening here if my finances allowed for it.

7. The Botonist

Basically the slightly less flashy brother of The Alchemist, the cocktails here are just as delicious and they do a really good range of craft beers. I’ve eaten here a few times and the food is incredible – the hanging skewers with garlic sauce regularly pops up into my day dreams.

8. Hedonist Project

The Hedonist Project is a really cool concept, in that every three months the bar changes. I went when it was a gin bar and it had the most divine cocktails. Beforehand it was a whisky bar, now it’s a rum bar. I can’t wait to see what they have next – plus, the day before they change concepts, they have a drink us dry event where they’re open until everything has gone.

9. The Black Swan

I’ve been to The Black Swan loads of times; once because they were the only place open past 12 on a Sunday, once for a blogger event, and once for a free live gig, and then generally because the atmosphere is mega chill. As well as drinks, they do food including sourdough pizzas which smell divine – I’m yet to have one, unfortunately!

10. Epernay

Hidden in the Electric Press, Epernay is a champagne and cocktail bar which is usually pretty quiet so is great for dates and catch ups. The bar men here really know their stuff, so if you can’t be bothered (or are too drunk) to read the menu, tell them your favourite flavours and spirits and they’ll whip you something good up.

Obviously there are loads more, these are just a few I think are definitely worth visiting if you’re about in Leeds.

Where are your favourite spots? Hit me up :)

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