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Leeds, as I keep telling everyone, is the new hub of the north. The up and coming London. The food scene is amazing, there is no shortage of indie coffee shops or vintage stores, and no matter what your scene is, the nightlife is amazing.

I think brands are starting to realise that Leeds is seriously fab because there’s been a huge influx of blog events going on up here, especially compared to the past. I’ve been to quite a few lately, so thought I’d do a round up post of them all.

Murder On The Posh Floor

Images courtesy of Posh Flooring

This is one of my favourite events to date, because it actually had something to do other than drink and take pictures. Not that I don’t love taking photos and having drinks, but it can be a bit same old same old. Held at the Hilton, Murder on the Posh Floor was a murder mystery which had us guessing and thinking, all whilst eating really delicious food. My team won and was rewarded (punished) by getting to act out the murder. I had to literally die, twice; my first death wasn’t dramatic enough. God.

Rev de Cuba Cantina Menu Launch

Images courtesy of Rev de Cuba

Rev de Cuba is actually a fav of mine for reasonably priced drinks and tapas in a cool atmosphere, so i jumped at the chance to try their new Cantina menu. The food was all ABSOLUTELY delicious; my favourite was the flaming albondiga burrito, the molten chilli chocolate and the chargrilled beef fillet skewers but honestly, everything was gorgeous. The cocktails are incredible as well; the Solero legitimately tastes like a Solero ice cream and will be perfect for summer drinks!


I went to this event with Dei, and it was a more intimate event than I’m used to as a few bloggers didn’t turn up (rude). Chaophraya is one of my favourite restaurants; it’s not cheap but not too expensive, the quality is always amazing and it’s Thai (aka the best cuisine ever). We were invited down to try a few dishes of the menu, including some picks that people tend to usually avoid in favour of more popular dishes *ahem – pad thai*. All the food was delicious, especially the aubergine vegetarian dish – not something I’d necessarily pick but would definitely order again, and the sweetcorn fritters were amazing – and I don’t like sweetcorn!

Cocktails in the City

Well, this was an absolute blast of an event! Essentially a preview of the Cocktails in the City event happening in Leeds in April, there were 17 bars all set up in Bar Soba showcasing their specially made cocktails for the occasion. We got to browse and drink cocktails before setting down to a game of musical chairs – the music goes, you find a new bar to sit at and learn about their cocktails (and try them, of course).

All cocktails were delicious, and lethally strong – me and Dei were pretty crazy drunk by the end! My favourite drinks were probably The Brotherhood’s take on the espresso martini, Almost Famous’s cherry rum coke, and the little gin number that I can’t remember from Chaophraya. I will 100% be going to Cocktails in the City, it was such a blast!

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