Technic High Light

Before I started using it, the concept of highlighter was pretty bizarre to me. Then as I got more into beauty blogs and makeup, I realised that people with huge eyes, plump pouts and flawless skin didn’t always look that way naturally. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally got around the ins and outs of creating a perfect complexion, and it’s thanks to Technic Highlights.

Technic high light review

So, obviously Technic is a really cheap brand but as I had never tried a highlighter before, I didn’t want to spend loads of money and decide it wasn’t for me. I actually came across this highlighter on a post by Beauty in Beta who had a post comparing it to Benefit’s High Beam.

The packaging is, quite literally, a nail varnish pot. Even down to the little brush. The brush is awful quality, the highlighter clumps to it and looks kind of gross. You don’t use the brush to work it into your skin though, so that’s not really an issue.

The liquid is a shimmery pastel pink, and is quite thick. It spreads easily, but you only need the tiniest amount as it is SO shimmery. If you put too much on, it has the exact same effect as if you had put some glitter into your foundation. Not great! It takes around one dab for your nose, one for your chin, two for each under eye and three to four for your forehead.

Benefit high beam dupe

Best drugstore highlighter

If you’re looking for a cheap highlighter, this does work well, despite a few flaws. At £1.99, you couldn’t really expect a better quality. However, I think there are better highlighters out there that are still affordable. I only use this on days where I can’t find my Seventeen Wow! Highlighter, as I find that provides a much more subtle highlight.

Extremely cheap
Can provide a nice highlight if you use the right amount

Formula is a bit too shimmery
Applicator is cheap and nasty

What are your favourite highlighting products? Or are you not a fan? :)

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