The Christmas Degustabox

Christmas is definitely a time for gluttony; chocolate, roast dinner, cocktails, brunch… And now a Degustabox full of yummy looking stuff. This month’s is quite snacky, picky foods which are all perfect for having friends over for nibbles and drinks in the run up to Christmas. I am pretty impressed with this month’s contents actually, especially a couple of items (you’ll have to read on to find out which ones!).

Rekorderlig Dry Cider (£1.49)

Rekorderlig are famous for their fruit flavoured ciders, and dry apple is just the latest flavour they’ve released.

Bailey’s Miniature (£1.50)

I am currently obsessed with Bailey’s in hot drinks after living off them in Budapest. Nothing says Christmas more than a Bailey’s hot chocolate or Irish coffee, right?

Teirreire Gourmet Drops (£2.75 x 2)

I basically nearly died when I saw these. I have skinny syrups I use in my coffee in the morning, but at work I just have sugar free coffee which is fine but you know sometimes you want a sweeter more luxury coffee without the calories or sugar? NOW I CAN!! Both flavours taste and smell absolutely divine; caramel is my ultimate favourite, although I’ve not worked out the exact right amount to use yet. I reckon you could get away with putting it in green and herbal tea too if that’s more your thing.


Bourne & Wallis British Picked Onions (£1.40)

I remember my mum having pickled onions in the fridge when I was little and I was like, ew what are these weird alien eyeball things??? Actually, picked onions are really nice – so judgemental, younger me. Bourne & Wallis use only naturally grown herbs, spices and vegetables and traditional vinegars for high quality products that come in a range of flavours.

Jim Jams Hazelnut Spread 

Jim Jams makes spreads and jams which are gluten free and diabetic friendly as they do not add in sugar. This makes them teeth friendly and low calorie – a single serving has 35 calories compared to around 90 in Nutella! It tastes amazing, a little more cocoa-y and slightly less smooththan typical hazelnut spreads but for how healthier it is, so worth it. They’re only stocked in indie stores at the moment as far as I can tell, but I’m sure they’ll be hitting the supermarkets once they’ve caught on. This is one of the Degustabox Discovery brands of the month.

Branston Orchard Fruit Chutney (£1.49)

Made with Bramley apples, sultanas, orange zest and spices, you can pair this with cheese, Christmas leftovers, pastries… The list is practically endless.

Hartley’s Glitter Jelly (£1.29)

Yup, another product which I basically died at. Although I dislike jelly as a food, vodka jelly is a whole different level and glitter vodka jelly?!? Definitely something I want to make. Oh, it’s vegetarian friendly too for those who can’t eat jelly normally.

Hartley’s Black Cherry jelly (£1.29)

Apparently the perfect jelly for black forest trifles, it’s a bit more grown up than glittery jelly (albeit less fun) and perfect for making any show stopper desserts at Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties.

Divine Dark chocolate (£1.00)

As well as being Fairtrade, Divine chocolate is suitable for vegetarians, free from palm oil and the farmers who supply the coca own 44% of the company. What a lovely brand (and even lovelier chocolate, which I definitely didn’t eat all in one sitting).

Butterkist Salted Caramel Flavour Popcorn (£1.49)

Salted caramel is practically the copper of the food world; it is having its moment isn’t it? Sweet and salty popcorn has always been my favourite flavour thanks to the balance of sweet and salt, but it has definitely been one upped by this.

Butterkist Sweet & Salted Flavour popcorn (£0.55)

Err, sorry for saying you had been one upped… If you just want a tasty but healthy popcorn snack, this is the one for you; high fibre, low saturated fat, and a whole lot of taste.

Nim’s Fruit Crisps (£0.99)

Air dried so that there is no fat, these fruit crisps actually count as one of your five a day so make a great alternative to actual crisps.

Ryvita Thins (£1.89)

I used to think thins were a poor man’s toast but there is actually so much you can do with them. Top them (tuna and avocado is a fab combo), dip them, crumble them onto soups and salads… Definitely the perfect inclusion for Christmas nights in.

Belvita Breakfast Soft Bakes (£2.79)

Belvita breakfast biscuits just got more delicious! With wholegrains, vitamin B6, magnesium and iron, these are great if you’re on the run and don’t have time to make breakfast. They’re also a good snack – you can get soft bakes in golden grain, red berries or chocolate chip flavour.

Tuckey’s Proper Digestives (£1.80)

Tuckey’s is this  month’s Degustabox Discovery; their digestives use traditional ingredients and methods to make digestive biscuits, unlike the big brands of today which have been cutting corners over the past 10 years. Digestives and cheese is the most Christmas eve snack I can think of, so I’ll be saving these for then.

Ryvita Crackers (£1.29)

I recently discovered I like olives (I know, so adult of me) so am excited to try these with some cheesy toppings next time I have friends round and we fancy a grown up snack.

Liking what you see here? You can get £6 off your first box using the code BLDEG15 here.


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