IndiaGram – A February Round Up

Hello and welcome to the latest in my cleverly named posts.

Ha, just kidding.¬†This is a lame post title, can you tell I’m not feeling creative today?

Anyway, I’ve been abusing Instagram (NB: pretending I’m much cooler than I am via carefully selected photos) and thought I’d update you all with the #behindthescenes. Because obviously you all take a keen interest in my life and have been dying to know.

This is just a round up; for more (mostly cats, quotes and makeup) you’ll have to follow me *side eye emoji*¬†here.

Speaking of Instagram, are people still into themed accounts? Because I just can’t do it. My life is too complicated for a theme. Am I a bad blogger/ Instagrammer/ human? Leave me your thoughts.

Miss Atha’s Coffee Date

I’ve been trying out all the indie coffee shops in Leeds lately (there are loads, so it’ll keep me busy for a while). This coffee comes from Miss Atha’s, and looks more like a chemistry session than a coffee date… But the coffee was good, the ambience very chilled and the food delicious so!

Whole 30 Breakfast

Remember I posted¬†here¬†about trying out Whole 30? This is one of the breakfasts I’ve been having; spinach scrambled egg in coconut oil with bacon and avocado. Super delicious, quick to make and full of healthy fats to keep me going until lunch.

Current Reading

This book is absolutely hilarious, and so easy to read – I finished it in a couple of hours, part of which was hungover so definitely easy to absorb. It’s based on real life, and some of the Tinder situation’s/ thoughts/ insights are scarily accurate (which is why it’s so funny I guess!).

New Hair!

I got a fringe!!! I also tried out a new hairdressers on the recommendation of Dei; XS Hair behind House of Fraser, and I actually love it there! I’m really fussy about getting colour done and Jenni was fab, plus didn’t force me to get my ends cut and gave me the exact fringe I wanted. Obviously now I’ve got it I’m not sure I really wanted a fringe, more than I was bored of having the same hair for years on end (since my last fringe, actually, when I decided I was never getting a fringe again) but a change is always welcome! I would definitely not mind it as much if the weather here didn’t constantly ruin it.

Impromptu Trip Booked To Milan

My friend and I booked a holiday to Milan!!! Which I’m super excited about. Technically, we booked a mystery holiday with Groupon and the location turned out to be Milan eek! So many dance emojis.

Big Ass Brows

I’ve been growing my brows out with Realash brow serum¬†and honestly, I’m amazed. The ends are so thick and bushy! I was going to grow them and get them shaped but I’m kinda enjoying the Hagrid look for now.

Healthy Lunch At Filmore & Union

A cute little lunch date at Filmore and Union, one of my new favourite places for healthy and tasty food! I’ve reviewed their brunch here, and I want to go back just for coffee and cake one day. Every day.

What have you been up to on Instagram?

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